Temporary public art projects that involve, engage, and are about communities.

About the Projects




About the Projects


The call goes out by traditional & social media to involve and engage the whole community:



Each ladder (like the hopes & dreams of the lending family, school, church, business, org.) joins the hopes & dreams of the whole community in the sculpture.


All ladders accepted – real, functional & broken, long or tiny, creative, hand-made... “if it’s your ladder – we’ll include it!”


All ladders recorded, tagged, & recognized on a list of lenders & (most importantly) returned after a one-month exhibition.


The beauty & the art is in the depth & breadth of inclusion & participation of all parts of the community & in the care we take to make sure all ladders are returned.


If lenders do not want their ladders returned, they are donated to local non-profit organizations involved in home repair and construction.


Sponsoring institutions expand their reach into the community & list of friends & contacts.


Constructed (safely & without damaging the ladders) with heavy-duty (250# test) cable ties.


Projects completed since 2008:
Winston Salem, NC, Grand Rapids, MI, St. Louis, MO, Atlanta, GA, Roanoke, VA,
Wilmington, NC, Chattanooga, TN, Bluefield VA & WV, Allentown, PA, Greensboro, NC & Rabun County, GA